Eldery rest home Autocad Drawings

University assignments

This is a design for a elderly rest home. I choose the colors red and yellow and used them in big groups.

The south border is filled with Pyracantha saphyr rouge ‘Cadrou’ which explodes with red berries. and the Ilex aquifolium ‘Pyramidalis’ & ‘Madame Briot’ follow the Pyrachanta with their red berries.

Instead of choosing red and yellow flowers i went for colored leafs. The Heuchra’s keep their leaf for a long period of time and make a beautiful image and in the winter they are joined with the yellow flowers of the Cornus Mas.

The enterance is filled with Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald Gold’. This plant is not the prettiest when it is used in small groups but a whole area really lightens up the place.

The red autumn leaves of Amelanchier leavis ‘Ballerina’ with the red leaves/twigs of Cornus stolonifera ‘Kelseyi’ shield the parking area, and the white blossom of the Amelanchier makes a clean appearance. This appearance is also seen in the backyard trough the white bark of the Betula utilis ‘Doorenbosch’

The anthracite paving in contrast with these flowers, shurbs and trees creates a modern clean look and the explosion of colors maintains the warm feeling of a cosy garden.

Site plan

1 op 200 Arch E (2)

Section drawing


Detailed Drawing

Arch E Detail



Brick wall with column

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