This is my graduation project for Station Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Station Nijmegen has a surface area of circa 2 Hectares and is perfectly designed for logistics, rather than pedestrians. The area had so many little by little design revisions which led to a incoherent public space. Nijmegen is building some new amazing spaces, but the station has somehow been left behind.

Together with Nick Nieuwland I made a animation before we started on the project. It was to expand our skill set.


ANA 2-01

L to R: Three areas, No sight, Barriers, Busroute

ANA 2-02

L to R: Pedestrian route, Sitting area/city beginning, Different architectural styles, Scale


The station is made for dinosaurs, not for humans. L to R: Human, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex


The video beneath gives an impression of usage in a 2 hour time-span. You can see the high intensity traffic and the dangerous pedestrian crossings.


The most important aspects I wanted to focus on are making a pedestrian-friendly city-space, an intuitive way-finding towards the city,  showcase one existing architectural style, and bringing back the size of the square to a humane scale. This is brought to life trough a few principles.


Extrapolation of the Italian arches found on the site, which are designed by Sybold van Ravesteyn.


Creating height differences to make smaller spaces


Using the existing architecture to layout a grid, which gives room for arrangement of the square


Simplified layout





Grid taken from the existing architecture


Relaxing and functional area


Green/shadow and sunny/open areas


Watersystem, everything flows to the Oasis, where is being reused for cooling and irrigation


Airconditioning and smelltransfer for the station with the windcatcher principle


New functions, sight, and walkingroute


Canopy, heightened busstation and route

In the Oasis

In the Oasis

Section Oasis

Section Oasis

Heightened busroad section and frontview

Oasis from groundlevel

Oasis from ground level

Section middlesquare

Section middle square

Arrival on the station from the city

Arrival on the station from the city

Section functional sunny area

Section functional sunny area

Section busstation

Section busstation

Arrival from trainstation

Arrival from trainstation


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