City-moatpark Gouda

(Landscape-) Architecture

The second assignment for the Major garden architecture was an assignment for a park on the city-moat of Gouda.

The city is famous for its cheese and stroopwafels. But the public space is not on the same level as these products. That is why the city needed a new modern design.

The location of Gouda within the Netherlands surrounded by the well known places.

Difference in outline of the peatlandscape

L to R. Enterances and route to downtown, Enterance and moat ambiance, formal outer ring and informal innerring

L to R: Greenstructure analysis, entrance and route in project area, sight from surrounding places.

Picture analysis showing the volume of an appartmentcomplex

Concept: accelerate, slowing down, and stopping

 The concept comes from the analysis that shows that the inner and outring have a difference in usage. On the outering people move quickly from A to B, while the irregular placement of trees hinders movement and promotes lingering.

The other important aspect is that the blind spot, which can connect the center with the moat. This is an area with great potential, which will vanish if a big apparmentcomplex divides and blocks the space

Masterplan partial city-moat

Cross section acceleration outerring.

Transition from existing pavement

The three zones and their function

Detail design.

On a more detailed level you see that there are three distinctive zones, eacht ment for for a different target groups. The cultural and library zone are connected by a building with a public first floor.


Cross section Lazarussteeg

Pavement detail around the pergola

Pergola construction.

Visual Lazarussteeg.


Principle section illustrating shape of the 

Detail koningsplein

Koningsplein visual

Section Koningsplein and Erasmushof

Walking route.

The walking routes decide where the placement of restaurants will be. These will be placed in the crowded area’s to promote even more lingering.

Koningsplein visual


Detail stairs

Erasmushof visual

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