The Maas theater, Rotterdam

(Landscape-) Architecture, Masterplans, University assignments


This was an assigment for school. We went for an excursion to Rotterdam, so we could get to know the place. After that we had 5 more weeks to finish the design.

For this place I wanted to create a space that is on the edge of open and closed. An area where people who pass by feel invited to go trough.

The clients wanted a space that was flexible in use. The concept i came with was a marionette theater. The exciting thing about this is, that the control of the arrangement is from above.  The Pergola that is placed gives room for a small stage and various objects such as hammocks and theater-clothes.

Since Rotterdam has the top 5 biggest skyscrapers of the Netherlands, it now has the biggest pergola of the country.

Principle drawing

Masterplan 1:500

Masterplan 1:500

Principle of construction

View from pergola to the theater

View from the terrace to the pergola

Stage view

View to the stage

Doorsnede kugelknotte 1 op 10 50882_usm_kleine-kugel


Detail doornsede pergola

Crossection floor connection pergola

Doorsnede trapgebeuren

Crossection stairbench



You can see the whole poster in Dutch here

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