Technical handdrawing first year

University assignments

In my first year of the study i have learned how to make technical drawings trough these assignments. I’m not a big fan of bricks, better said i have an aversion towards bricks. But it was a good way to understand the principles of the projection method and line-thickness.

The fishpool and bridge were free choice designs. The fishpool is made of concrete and has a layer of EPDM foil over it. The outer walls of the pool are covered with copper and i design a click-system for the brass top, where the EPDM could be folded into. It was important for me to find a way to assemble it without using screws or nails, and if you solve the problem correctly the outcome is always beautiful. This pool would have been very expensive because of the copper and brass, but the look of the oxidized copper would have been amazing. Good thing that there wasn’t a budget.

Brick wall with column

muur nen 1

Fishpool with covering of copper and brass

vijver nen met overstort

Small bridge


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